Work in Progress!

Three Irises

Acrylics on canvas board
406 x 510 mm

I started this work in the spring of last year, having taken photos of the Irises growing in our gardens at home. I then put it aside whilst I was working on other projects.

As part of my current plans to finish this and other works I returned to it recently with a new and fresh approach to my painting  - in that I am attempting to adopt a more painterly style as a way of expresssing the life and vigour of these Irises.


Botanical subjects generally are full of life and it is imperative as an artist to try to capture something of that life force, and to find a method or style which fufils that brief.

I hope that by being more lively in my brush strokes and in how I apply the paint to the surface I can succeed in creating a lively painting.

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