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... to ArtbyAilsaChapman where you can view my paintings and drawings of flowers and other botanical subjects. Some of my pictures are also used to design my greetings cards which you will also find on this site.

Being an artist, for me, is as much about experimenting with media as it is about exploring my favourite subject - flowers. I like to paint and draw flowers and other botanical subjects much larger-than-life-size to convey the feeling that one is looking at them close-up.


I use a variety of media, including coloured pencils and pastels, gouache and acrylics,  and digital media. 

Read more about my what inspires my work, with a short biography, and the family story behind how I became an artist here!

I am based in Orpington, SE London/NW Kent area, England, UK.

For other information about my work and general enquiries please contact me here.

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'What I wish to show when I paint is the way I see things with my eyes and in my heart',

Raoul Dufy.

Orange Lilies.jpg
Lilum (Oriental Trumpet Lily)
Solanum lycopersicum Tomatoes
Arborescence No. 9
Millefiori No. 20